Data types

Here are the data types supported in Juttle data points.

Type Description
Null Non-existing or unknown value
Boolean A logical truth value, either "true" or "false"
Number A number in IEEE 754 64-bit double-precision format
String Zero or more Unicode characters
RegExp A regular expression, as implemented in JavaScript
Date An exact moment in time, represented by a number
Duration An interval between to moments in time, represented by a numerical length
Array An ordered sequence of zero or more values
Object An unordered collection of zero or more properties, each consisting of a key and a value

The way how Juttle handles Array and Object data types is described in the nested fields section.

All data types supported by Juttle data points are equivalent to their corresponding JavaScript types, except Date and Duration which are specific to Juttle.

You can also convert a field to or from type string, using these data typing functions: