Reads events or metrics from various remote backends via adapters supported by Juttle and emits them into the flowgraph. The read source honors standard parameters as well as adapter-specific options.

read <adapter> [-from moment] [-to moment] [-last duration]
   [adapter-options] [filter-expression]
| ...
Parameter Description Required?
adapter Name of the adapter to connect to the backend. Yes
-from Start time, inclusive: stream points whose time stamps are greater than or equal to the specified moment.

See Time notation in Juttle for syntax information.
Depending on the adapter
-to End time, exclusive: stream points whose time stamps are less than the specified moment, which is less than or equal to :now:

See Time notation in Juttle for syntax information.

:information_source: Note:To stream live data only, omit -from and use -to :end: To combine historical and live data, specify a -from value in the past and use -to :end:
Depending on the adapter
-last Shorthand syntax for to -from (:now: - duration) -to :now: this specifies a historical time window of the specified duration that ends at the present moment. No
adapter-options Additional -<key> <value>options specific to reading from the chosen backend, handled by the adapter. See adapter documentation
filter-expression A filter expression such as full-text search, field comparisons, or a combination, where multiple terms are joined with AND, OR, or NOT

See Filtering for a full description.

information_source Some adapters require a time range to be specified in the read with either -from / -to or -last and/or may have additional constraints on the valid time ranges for a read operation. See the adapter documentation for details.


read influxdb -from :1 hour ago: -to :now: -db 'test' name='cpu' AND host~=/www.*/
| reduce max() by host